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Young & Old, IT & Soft-Skills, Websites & LMS

IT Skills Training

Information is power: it is power in every sense of the word.

This includes electrical power. We are only able to produce electricity (service) because of information about how to produce electricity, store it, transmit it etc.

Moreover, we able to improve our service delivery only because of information like fuel usage statistics, generator running hours and so on.

And Information Technology (IT) gives us power, both directly and indirectly.

For example, Microsoft Excel is an essential tool in the field of Information technology. The program processes raw data and outputs information. Raw data are entered in Excel and the processed output is information which is power.

Competency in at least the basics of Information Technology (Word Processing, Spreadsheets, and Email etc) is absolutely necessary in this electronic day and age. One does not need to take up 4 years university study to be an accountant and do accounting. All that is needed is a computer, an accounting software and computer literacy. One does not need to undergo 4 years of university study in arts and be a sound engineer in order to produce music. And certainly one does not need multiple expensive bulky equipment. Everything is now in a software, built-in. And the studio is no longer a big building but merely the laptop. It is revolutionary.

If anything, all these show the transformation brought about by IT. And an organization that is unwilling to embrace and adapt to the latest technological changes finds itself lagging behind competition. Ultimately, an organization is the sum effect of its people; their skills and abilities. Thus the employees must be equipped with basic but essential computing skills in order to drive the organization forward.

And this is where we come in as experienced and certified IT Trainers.



Soft Skills Training

But this is not to say the other topics are unimportant, especially the soft skills. Back to the analogy of computers, a computer is composed of 2 main components: hardware and software. Now, we may have the latest in hardware technology sitting on the desk. But without software, all those hardware are useless. Similarly, we need both hard skills and soft skills which are mostly attitudinal. In fact, they say that success is 1% aptitude and 99 attitude. Soft skill include time management, conflict resolution, problem solving & decision making, motivation management, team building and others. It is undeniable that these soft skills are indispensable. For example, can never thrive much less survive unless it is truly a team. And we can have talented individuals but without motivation, all the skills etc are useless. We will always have conflicts because each one is unique. And we will always have problems and need to make hundreds of decisions in a day, some of which are significant.

And this is where we come in as experienced and certified Soft-Skills Trainers.


Life’s change story – the story of an eagle

If you think this is only for the young, think again!

The eagle is considered to be the king of birds and has the longest life-span among birds.

In its 40’s, an eagle’s long and flexible talons can no longer grab prey which serves as food. Its long and sharp beak becomes bent.

At this stage the eagle is left with only two options: either to die or go through a painful process of change which lasts 150 days. The second option is a process which requires the eagle to fly to a mountain top and sit on its nest. There the eagle knocks its beak against a rock until it plucks it out. After plucking it out, the eagle will wait for a new beak to grow back and then it will pluck out its talons. When its new talons grow back, the eagle starts plucking its old-aged feathers. And after five months, the eagle takes its famous flight of rebirth and lives for 30 more years.

If we focus on results, we will never change. If we focus on change, we will get the desired results.

Change can be painful in terms of time, money and other resources. It needs quality time. But the benefits to reap are immeasurable.

Training is a process of change– survival depends on it. In order to survive, we have to start a change process, we need to constantly adapt. This is true for both individuals and entities.

So if you think this is only for the young, think again!

Change now - undergo training, no matter how old & useless you may feel.


Websites and Learning Management Systems (LMS)

All of the above can be facilitated by a website. A website is indispensable in this day and age. A website is the best employee that can serve thousands of clients simultaneously 24/7/365 without over-time. It can teach, process payments, answer queries, store information, and facilitate other processes. It is practically unlimited. Moreover, a website is the best, most cost-effective marketing medium which is interactive and dynamic. Being dynamic and responsive, a website is a great marketing tool that far exceeds TV, radio, newspaper, and other medium. Yet it is far cheaper. And on the other hand, unlike other medium, a website can automatically process payments, thus directly earning income.

A website is a tireless employee working 24/7/365 as a teller giving account balance, accounts clerk processing online payments, customer service officer giving information, marketing officer interactively displaying your brand and products using texts/images/videos, teacher giving lessons and other performing other tasks including registration, receptionist taking your messages, and a lot more. A website is of great importance in Business, Education, Government and other sectors. In fact, a website is indispensable in this day and age.

Websites have revolutionized virtually every sector of society from business to communication to entertainment and to education, including the Government and Church. Website have transformed the way we buy and sell, govern/administer, evangelize, communicate and teach/learn etc.

A website is virtually unlimited.

We initiated a very promising project that has immense potential to level the playing field for entities using Web Technology. It is actually a web platform ( where entities can simply go online anytime and from anywhere and easily, affordably and instantly/automatically register a premium website and emails with essential features integrated. These include e-commerce systems, e-learning systems, e-booking systems, and a lot more.

When registering a website on the web portal ( there are 4 domains to choose from:

  • SMEs (Companies, Businesses Groups, Cooperative Societies etc) can register a website under the domain
  • NGOs, Churches, Bands, Teams, Clubs, Youth Groups, Cultural Groups, Women’s Groups etc. can register a website under the domain
  • Schools/Institutions can register a website under the domain
  • Individuals can register a website under the domain

One aspect is to cut costs, alleviate issues like lack of equipment and deteriorating facilities, and ultimately improve the standard of education using Web Technology. Educational institutions can simply go online anytime and from anywhere and easily, affordably and instantly/automatically register a premium website and emails with essential features integrated including e-library, e-learning, e-commerce and so on. There is also the option of a social networking site for schools similar to Facebook so students can socialise instead with school matters and alumni. This will solve a major issue causing poor results in schools caused by social networking sites.

The web portal has an integrated e-Learning (Learning Management System) which covers everything from online student registration to online exams and certification. Among many other things, it allows a teacher to post all lessons online to be accessible by students anytime and anywhere, follow up on these up with assignments that students can submit online and check these online with the ability to add remarks. But these are just the tip of the ice-berg. Overall, it entails many more benefits.

We am currently designing websites and setting up an e-Learning (Learning Management Systems – LMS) systems for a primary school, a secondary school and a tertiary institution. I intend to cover more institutions. And I do all these for free out of passion for improving the education standard using web technology.

We are so keen to join your team and our experience in the Training/Development field is an added bonus, and so with the setting up Learning Management Systems (e-Learning).

If required, we will be more than happy to set up an e-training (Learning Management System) system which can conveniently be online (web-based) and integrated to official company website or another website. This may include the set-up of other web-based systems like e-commerce etc. on your website.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information and documents. We would gladly furnish them for you as we are so keen to team up with you and do a lot more for your esteemed organization and for Papua New Guinea as a whole.

The Importance of Training....

Sporting Teams & Training

The winning team savors the moment of glory when it lifts the trophy at the end of a rugby game. However, that moment of victory so cherished is actually the culmination of not just 80 minutes of football, but hours and hours of training. Similarly, individuals and occupational teams can only be victorious and lift the trophy of success if they prioritize/invest in training: this is indispensable.

Fruit and Growth/Development

When the branch is cut, growth is thwarted and so the fruit remains stagnant since there is no development. And of course decay imminently sets in. For the fruit borne to be good, it must continue to grow and develop. And for this to happen, it must remain attached to the branch, which must be constantly watered and nurtured. The same is true for individuals and organizations. They must not remain stagnant else boredom creeps in, giving rise to complacency, lack of motivation and low morale etc. On the contrary, they must continue to grow and develop, thus producing fruits; good fruits, that is. They must be constantly be nurtured.
“Education is from the womb, to the tomb” and if we do not abide by this life principle, things inevitably go terribly wrong.
Precisely, this is where we come in to train and up-skill which are absolutely essential for the overall success of the organization ultimately. We will assist in the delivery of Competency-Based Training (CBT) to produce good fruits and enable the individual/organisation to thrive and be successful through training.


So Why E-Training?

Everything, it seems, is now having an ‘e’ in front: for electronic. Once we used to have only mail but now we have e-mail. The same is true for e-banking, e-commerce, e-government, e-voting, and more…, including e-training (E-Learning, Online Courses, Learning Management System etc).

E-Training technology has revolutionized the Training & Development field. And there are many advantageous including low cost, effectiveness, flexibility, self-paced, and more…. That is why the concept is embraced by top universities and corporations and millions of individuals world-wide for both training & assessment.

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We are proud to be associated with a vendor that has truly changed the workplace learning and performance (WLP) industry by listening to what trainers and HR managers want and packaging the solution in a unique way that uses technology to expand their training options.

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These companies represent some of the world's largest brands including Microsoft, NASA, the United States Air Force, Pfizer, United Nations, the LA Times, Dell, Lockheed Martin, Revlon, Kraft, Michelin, Princeton University, FedEx, General Motors, Sandals Resorts, Mercedes-Benz and the Executive Office of the President of the United States of America, AT&T, United States Department of Defense, New Zealand Defense Force, Nestle (Canada), Pricewaterhouse Coopers (Australia), United States Attorney's Office, John Hopkins, Missile Defense Agency (US) and more....

We’ve done the hard work of researching and developing the content taking careful attention to the quality and relevance of each courseware title we offer you. Each course is tested in the classroom and proven to be effective in any training or workshop environment. Plus, you have the unlimited rights to make any changes you want to the content in order to fit your training requirements and organizational needs.

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